Garrett Brittenham

A good night! 1st in 40+, 7th in Sportsman. Lot of heavy pros in Sportsman! I was outclassed.


Mark Martinich

Dairyland Classic / We fell down. Had a blast though.

Travis Newbold

Some pics from the weekend of my first trophy racing the SV and the Meta magazine issue 3 release party where the Ronin 'B' bike along with my BSA chopper and Project Retard (The Womble) where on display.
Happy trails!
Newbold 747


Anthony Brown


Hey Guys

FTWCO rider #47 checking in after round one of the DTRA National champs in Leicester UK.
I am competeing this year on my buddies 750 triumph imported from the US of A along side organsing the series and riding a 450 honda at the back of the Pro class.
Anyway we had the best DTRA meeting to date to sun was shining and we had a record entry.
I didnt bother with practice on the Triumph as it was wet and I didnt want to get it dirty. So i used the first heat as practice. Anyways i could find the rear brake pedal so i rode brakeless for a 2nd place.
I managed a win in the final and got home before midnight so all good. I want to thank Wilky for the loan of the bike for the 2015 season, FTWCO for the great gear and all my racing buddies who support the DTRA and my dream of having fun on Dirt Tracks without having to fly to the states.

See you at Dirtquake USA????

Chad Karstens

Colin Hickman

Will Gomer

Photos from last weekend at ride academy. 
It was really cool to be on the track 
with Kenny Coolbeth 
and Brad the bullet Baker. 

Will Gomer 


Scott Woolley

Chad Karstens

Garrett Brittenham

My first short track since jacking up my leg last May went pretty dang well! I ran in the 30+ and 40+ classes, winning both heats and both mains. The bike is scary fast!

Komiyama Daiki

Hi Jeff&FTWCO Staff
Because I participated in an event race, I send a photograph.
If there is a photograph because I think that a friend photographs a lace, I send it


Garrett Brittenham

 Well, my first race since breaking my leg last spring is in the books. We hit Waco, TX for the ½ mile. I won the Open AM class on Saturday, and took 3rd on Sunday. The bike was great! Thanks to Newbold’s off-season motor work. Leg feels good. I think I’m ready! Photos by Flat-Out Motorsport Photography
 Sad note to the weekend: My son’s RM85 was cut from our trailer and stolen out of the hotel parking lot Friday night before the races. It was heartbreaking.


Martin Hovin

Hi guys.

Alot of hours on the bike these days.
Next round in the Europeian Extreme Enduro Cup is 25 & 26 of april in Portugal. - Xtreme Lagares 
Now its easter holiday so me and my girlfriend are tanking a motohome and living by a mx sandtrack for 5 days.
Nice to have som time off
Best regards Martin


2015 Race Jerseys

Chad Karstens

Travis Newbold

Howdy, Here are some pics from the last race in Del Mar. It was a blast. 20 hour drive in my buddy's 72 econoline but we spent more time working on it than driving it. Had some good races with Co-Built Geoff and Dimitri Coste the Frenchman was flying. FInished 2nd to him twice in the vintage twins class but I managed to beat him with a win in the stacked 400cc+ class.

Also a couple of spy pics of the colors I will be racing on Pikes Peak this year. I am very excited to be racing a special build Ronin race bike on the hill this year. If any one wants to attend get a spot at The Lone Duck Campgound for the last week of June. It is a unique race but it gets more and more restriction and lame every year so if you have wanted to see it make it happen!

Chris Wiggins