Frank Chatokhine

Komiyama Daiki

Hi FTWco and thank you so much for the support in 2015. Our local race course has closed for the winter season so we've completely entered the off season.
This season, a friend had an injury so I didn't get to enter in any endurance races, but all in all, I still think it was a fun year.
I'm looking forward to 2016!
Merry Christmas!

Travis Newbold

At 3:55 in the A.M. on the first Sunday of the year my alarm awoke me to more pain than I awoke to today on Monday. And that is saying something because yesterday at full speed on the end of the front stretch I hit the ice hard and slid at 60mph like a ninja turtle into a snow bank. As I type this I feel like my chair is giving me a Mike Tyson charley horse. Ice racing in Colorado means waking up so damn early just to get to the track in the dark, find a sketchy place to park that will require a tow strap to get out of and then freezing your little piggies off all day. If I were not a full blown motorcycle racing junky I sure as hell would be doing something warm and involving more booze than this but there I was. Nothing like sriping off your one pice long underwear in a dark porta-potty and trying to un-clench captain sphincter enough to let the horse out of the barn when it is near zero degrees. After trying out my XS twin in the vintage class once a few years ago I swore it off. It was like Lane Frost riding a greased up bull on pcp. But the buzz has been big this year with many friends and since I still had the tires I figured I would mount em up on my proper 450 race bike and give it a modern effort. (Thanks for the fenders Garrett!) And of course I mind as well throw myself into the A class cause Momma didn't raise to powder pony piss ant. Just a dumb, numb, throttle twisting, high octane huffing, conversion van gypsy jockey. In my heat race I went for the holeshot like I have trained myself to always own like a mule. I may have taken it had I not lost the back end like a slug of lead leaves its shell casing in the first turn. Ice is hard and it slides a body a very long ways. In the main I led the first two laps and dropped to 4th. Not bad but I am looking forward to round 2 this weekend after I sort out my suspension some. Maybe I may win or maybe I may swear off this January sunday addiction for good. Peace,  grease, and polar fleece.


Jason McCann

Got about 42 laps in yesterday at Perris. Prepping foe Jan 9-10 at del mar.
Merry Christmas!
Jason McCann


Scott Woolley

Chris Wiggins

here are a few pics from the Super Hooligan. There are more on Hot Bike's web page but these are the good ones of me. Thanks again for the support guys.


Anthony Brown

Update on season end

Here are some shots from the DTRA end of season weekend with Johnny Lewis. We rode an oopen practice at Kings Lynn speedway here in the UK and then went testing on a new track ready for the 2016 season and the UKs first TT. I picked up a second in the DTRA vinatge class on a borrowed triumph this season. Looking forward to 2016 already.


Team Winks

Hi FTWco,

Thought you guys might like to hear my race report for yesterday, after doing a few handfuls of track days & testing we bit the bullet & put in a last minute entry for the last round of the Interclub Road Racing Series Victoria. It was my first race & filled with drama!

I was nervous as hell after getting to the track, & even being on the bike during qualifying found that I wasn't being as smooth as usual & making a few small mistakes. I qualified 8th for the novice race, but totally screwed up my starting position. I asked a wandering marshal to confirm but he looked at his clipboard & then walked off (WTF??), by that stage the starting lights were on & I hadn't even had time to shut my visor before everyone was off. I was 10 positions behind where I needed to be, I ended up stalling it on take off, I quickly put up my hand but another rider ran up the back of my bike & we fell in a tangled mess.. Shit but true.

The Triumph only suffered a few scratches from the whole thing but I decided to sit out the restart to get my head together & check over the bike. Next up was the Formula 1B race, this time I managed to sort out the correct starting position but when I was waiting there looking at the dash I realised I must have subconsciously reverted back to road pattern changing down gears & it was actually in 4th.. So I'm madly trying to change gears being stationary, I managed to get it into 3rd when the starting lights went out, everyone had taken off so I had to wing it & do a slow controlled start at high rpm. Everyone was going through turn one by the time I managed to get off the grid, I hunted them down & caught up to the pack on the first lap & even passed some riders which I think helped to redeem myself a bit after that first incident.

The other race starts were better but not perfect so will have to spend a bit of time out on the back roads perfecting that. I managed to pass a few riders over the day, dealt with the nerves better & become smoother on the bike which was good. Fastest time in the first race was 1:05.323 and by the last race I finished 7th with a 1:04.392 & a new PB so I was happy with that & wrapped it up on a much better note! 

Taking the Triumph to Phillip Island for some more testing this week so will keep you posted how that goes. I have cut back on work so I can get fitter (and therefore faster haha) & next years focus will be race events & testing at some tracks we haven't been yet to mix things up a bit. Cam has been doing an awesome job as race engineer & pit crew, and has decided to focus mainly on that for now but in his spare time has been out on the Supermoto, dirtbike or Buell with the odd track day here & there too. I have attached some low res samples of some recent pics, but will get some better ones from the weekend as they become available.

Thanks Jeff & Brad for your continued support, you guys are super cool & we are proud to be a part of FTWco racing team :-)
Simone Winks

Martin Hovin

Six Days in Slovakia

Team Winks


Garrett Brittenham

Season’s over and I’m beat! Finished the year with a win on the short track in Albuquerque, and a 3rd place in a hard fought final in Colorado. Got more pro pics on the way, but here’s a cell phone shot by my cousin in Albuquerque:

Travis Newbold

The season is winding down. Finished our local flattrack series with a big win in the vintage class. Looking forward to racing in Vegas at the Super Hooligan and then pirating the LA/Barstow to Vegas on my big ass XS650.
Here are some pictures from last weekend. The Oklahoma Gold Rush Grand Prix. One fun packed three days of racing. It was beautiful. Much better than last year when on the first night I broke the foot peg off my XR650 on the moto track. This year I brought out my Pikes Peak special CRF450R/X and put a spanking on the expert supermoto. Latter I got the holeshot in the motocross main and dropped back to 4th. Saturday I battled well for how much beer I drink and got 4th in the two hour cross country. Sunday was the grand finale 3 hr team race and me and my pal Lord Mick flat out dominated. I like DIRTBIKES!!!
Drawing by Sam Turner. Rain blood from a lacerated tire!
Happy trails amigos!

Garrett Brittenham

Got a call from a friend who needed some Hooligan riders for a shoot he was doing. Took my Sporty out and had some fun slippin’ for the cameras.
Pics by Daniel Davis.


Yuri Barrigan

Isle of Mann - Manx GP

Scott Woolley

Hilltoppers GP

Michael Goni

Hey Jeff,
Just checking in.  I have been a real bastard about updating you via email.  I try and blast you guys as much as possible via Facebook and Instagram.
Just finished the Land speed racing season up a month ago or so and have a few extra records to add to our belt.  The real exciting part is that we are starting to rebuild/build an all new turbo/nitrous motor to replace the one I blew to smithereens a couple years ago.  Getting a bigger turbo, a better engineered exhaust system and improved fueling system.  We should, if all goes well, better our top speed of 162.55 mph on the BSA (out of a 650 pushrod twin!).
For some cross training and just plain fun I built a modern drag bike over this summer out of a 2006 GSXR1000 to compete in next year's Top Street Bike Shootout hosted at Englishtown Raceway Park in New Jersey.  I have a couple test and tune nights under my belt last month and decided last minute to enter the last TSB race of the year this past Friday night.  I managed to be the surprise of the night and went rounds and ended up in the finals.  I lost the finals by qoing 0.025 of a second faster then my dial in time and got runner up.  Pretty stoked on next years race prospects.  I have enclosed a burnout photo from the final round of racing.  Please excuse the lack of FTWCO stickers on the bike I was not expecting to go out and race till last minute and the bike is still being developed.
Michael Goni - Standard Cycle Company