August 23, 2014

Frank Chatokhine

Half Mile was really good fun. can't wait to see you for the final round at Rye House on sunday 21st september and celebrate together a wonderful first DTRA race season !

Vraiment de bonnes sensations sur le half mile. Impatient de vous retrouver pour la manche finale à Rye House le dimanche 21 septembre et célébrer une magnifique première saison de DTRA !


August 20, 2014

Martin Hovin

This weekend I rode the 3rd round in the europeian extreme-enduro cup.
My bike had some issues so the beta guys sent me a demo bike.
Normally I ride a 300 4 stroke.
The beta is a 300 2 stroke.
We changed the rear tyre to a goldentyre and raced. 
16th overall in the pro class in a europeian extreme-enduro event on a demo bike. Needless to say I'm satisfyed. And beaten to death. 
Best regards Martin

Jud Linder

Mid summer update;  Just had an AWESOME two weekends of some great halfmile cushion dirt surfing. first was the Mid-Ohio Ashland Vintage national and the next week was Wauseon Vintage national which always has great rider and spectator turnouts. Got on the podium at both nationals, so needless to say I was PUMPED!  As always thanks for the support!

Team Winks

It’s been winter here in Australia and the weather less than ideal for riding. 
So, with the promise of some sunshine we headed to Supermoto Magazine Australia and Motorcycling Victoria’s Supermoto ride day.
We loaded up the bike, drove over 2 hours on roads that were mostly iced over to find a cold and wet track. Fortunately the sun came out and it turned into a great day. 

Unfortunately I couldn’t get close enough to the dirt part of the track to get any good photos of the jumps. Hopefully someone else did and the photos surface online.

Simone's supermoto is a 2010 Husqvarna SMR449. We bought it from someone who was using it as daily transport. Standard these things have a crazy seat height, so we set the suspension up for Simone. This was a little tricky as it needed to be lowered but also be able to handle jumps. Custom Eibach springs and tweaking the internals seemed to do the trick.
Aside from a few outings in the forest, we really haven't used it much. I hadn’t even bothered changing the mismatched old road tyres that were on it. It was still a great day out and Simone rode really well.

Thanks again for your support.

Travis Newbold

Dave Lehl (a customer of mine) shot these pictures last saturday night at our local track north of Denver.

Warren Jr

July 28, 2014

Travis Newbold

Raced my first Colorado Hill Climb Association on top of Monarch pass. This is the first year they have allowed motorcycles. 2.5 miles of rough narrow mining road through the aspen trees with steep exposure. Little bit scary. Lota bit fun. I won the bike class and beat all but a few cars. I love speed thrills! Colorado is a great place to get high!
Much, Newbold

Martin Hovin