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Chad Karstens

Travis Newbold

Howdy, Here are some pics from the last race in Del Mar. It was a blast. 20 hour drive in my buddy's 72 econoline but we spent more time working on it than driving it. Had some good races with Co-Built Geoff and Dimitri Coste the Frenchman was flying. FInished 2nd to him twice in the vintage twins class but I managed to beat him with a win in the stacked 400cc+ class.

Also a couple of spy pics of the colors I will be racing on Pikes Peak this year. I am very excited to be racing a special build Ronin race bike on the hill this year. If any one wants to attend get a spot at The Lone Duck Campgound for the last week of June. It is a unique race but it gets more and more restriction and lame every year so if you have wanted to see it make it happen!

Chris Wiggins

Colin Hickman


Team Winks

Just a quick update from us.

We've been doing some pre-season testing on the Daytona 675 and worked our way through some teething problems. I've got the bike dialed in and Simone is already doing PB's on it, even with a failed sensor causing it to go into limp mode on WOT.

Unfortunately our last test day ended with a crash on a fast right-hander. Simone is fine, but the RACEFIT black edition took the full force of the impact.

We'll keep you up to date with progress from here.


Tim Neave

What a great weekend, round 1 of the Thundersport GB championship at Brand Hatch, and thankfully the weather was on our side and we missed the rain!
It was my first race weekend in the Sportman Elite stock 600 class, and I didn't know who I'd get on. I exceeded my own expectations in qualifying, finishing 5th (49.212) behind Tom (49.059).
This gave me some good confidence for race 1, starting on the second row of the grid. I made a poor start and lost a few places into turn one, but over the race I made my way back up 7th (4th in class).
Race 2, I started from grid 7, after 6 laps the race was restarted due to an incident. I made a better start, and finished 6th in the race (3th in class), my first podium, with a time of 49.066 - I really wasn't expecting this result in my first weekend on a 600!
Race 3, I finished 8th (6th in class), a great battle through out the race, but I tired towards the end losing time - I'm going to work on more fitness before the next race.
Overall a great weekend, with some solid results, plenty to take away from the weekend and loads more to work on before round 2 at Donington Park in April.
The weekend before we was at the Dublin Motorcycle and Scooter show in Ireland, doing Flat Track demonstration races. A great opportunity to perform and show off our sponsors to the huge crowds.
Today we had a couple of hours off work to ride some flat track with Leon Haslam and Sam and Alex Lowes which was awesome, as part of a feature in the new MCN Sport Magazine.
I'm out on the road racer again this weekend, still not decided where, but I'll let you know how I get on!
Kind Regards,


Martin Hovin

New picture for 2015.
Thanx for the support guys!
Finished 13th in the 1st round in the europeian extreme-enduro championship in England in february.
Next is Portugal


Downshift Motorsport

Oleg Pianykh

Its the off season, shitiest time of year.  Just trying finalize sponsorship deals for next year and get the season going.  A lot of preseason testing and work to do still.  But we are trying to finalize deals with manufacturers, to determine if we gonna go with Yamaha or BMW.
Most of the superbike pictures below are from last season or earlier, and some from the Yamaha R1 commercial I rode for.  Its been warm, so I have been riding a lot of MX bikes. I broke my collarbone 5 weeks ago, have matching plates now.  But the plates are are awesome, i was back on the bike in less than two weeks.
My girlfriend just got me your guys' van shirt, its fucking awesome!
Hope spring comes soon! 

Garrett Brittenham