Martin Hovin

New picture for 2015.
Thanx for the support guys!
Finished 13th in the 1st round in the europeian extreme-enduro championship in England in february.
Next is Portugal


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Oleg Pianykh

Its the off season, shitiest time of year.  Just trying finalize sponsorship deals for next year and get the season going.  A lot of preseason testing and work to do still.  But we are trying to finalize deals with manufacturers, to determine if we gonna go with Yamaha or BMW.
Most of the superbike pictures below are from last season or earlier, and some from the Yamaha R1 commercial I rode for.  Its been warm, so I have been riding a lot of MX bikes. I broke my collarbone 5 weeks ago, have matching plates now.  But the plates are are awesome, i was back on the bike in less than two weeks.
My girlfriend just got me your guys' van shirt, its fucking awesome!
Hope spring comes soon! 

Garrett Brittenham

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Jud Linder

Team Winks


Happy New Year!

Thanks for your support in 2014.

It's been a pretty busy start of the year for us here. Simone & I have been working right through the holiday season, but we've still managed to keep busy with bikes.

December saw the last track day for 2014, which gave us the opportunity to test fresh suspension, upgraded electronics and gearbox changes to the ZX10R. Simone also spent a large portion of the day getting coaching from a national level racer. All in all it was a successful day and we came away with some plans for the new year.

During December we organised to buy a 2013 Triumph Daytona 675 that had been crashed on the road to turn into a race bike.
I was hoping to get this before Christmas, however the usual delays with the holidays meant it didn't get delivered until well into January.

Mid January was the first time out for us this year, when I took part in a Supermoto track day - which was a blast!

We've also taken the opportunity to spend plenty of time on the road bikes while the tracks have been closed.
Here are some photos. We can't wait to do bigger & better things with you guys in 2015!


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Sebastian Meien

Martin Hovin

Hi guys.
Getting ready for the 1st round in the Europeian extreme enduro cup in England.
5 rounds all over europe. 
Best regards Martin